The story of the picky girl

This blog is my attempt to be responsible about my eating by keeping a food diary, to be financially sound and eco friendly in my eating and shopping, and also to offer others with dietary restrictions ideas for recipes, products, and books.

I have various diagnoses. You probably do, too. Some are medical, some are personal, as in I ate something and realized it made me feel sick, so I realized I should probably no longer eat it. Some foods have a hard and fast never-again rule, and others have simple recommendations to avoid or reduce. Here’s a list, just so you know where I’m coming from:

Never again

  • Gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and contaminated oats, as well as derived in various products like barbecue sauce)
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Avoid as much as possible

  • Potatoes
  • Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate
  • Mint
  • Bananas (ooh, how easy! I’ve always hated them)
  • Coconut (I seem to be allergic to the flesh, but the milk is fine)
  • Simple carbohydrates (white things, like rice and tapioca)
  • Excessive grains (even when whole)
  • Then we move to conscientious eating. The reason I even found out I had all these dietary problems is that, after feeling sick nearly every day for about seven years (the amazing thing with this is that you learn to ignore it, and then you’re diagnosed and you realize you’ve been feeling like crap, and going off the food makes you feel absolutely fabulous and full of life), I decided I would try going vegetarian. I had heard some people say it helped with their stomach problems. But have you ever noticed that going veg generally leads to eating a lot of gluten, soy, and dairy? Yeah, so I got sicker. So now I’ve stopped being a vegetarian, but I like to be a flexitarian, because I think it’s more eco friendly, animal friendly, and wallet friendly. When I do eat meat, I like to buy it from a store that I know has good policies, and I like to make sure it’s free range/organic/hormone free/otherwise indicated that it’s not just your average slaughterhouse mess.

    I also watched a documentary that indicated that eating raw foods as at least 51% of your daily diet would eliminate lots of digestive issues, so I strive for that, too. But I could never be a raw food vegan, because eggs and goat cheese are my best friends, South American steak is to die for, and raw foodies tend to promote a lot of sprouted wheat, which, you know, has gluten. But I figure that I can easily incorporate raw fruit into my daily routine, and raw veggies are just salads or snacks to be dipped into hummus. So that shouldn’t be too bad.

    Social conscious speaking, I like to support small businesses, organic farming, and national stores with good policies regarding employee unions, product quality, charitable giving, etc. Then again, I am also an unemployed graduate student who lives off of loans, so I can only spend so much. It’s a balancing act, this whole thing.

    Fun, right? It sucked for awhile, especially as the list kept mounting, and then it got easier. Then I moved to Boston and started grad school, and that has led to some interesting binge eating, excessive grocery buying, and general transitions in terms of schedule, kitchen, and lifestyle. So, it’s an adventure, and you’re invited. Read with me, cook with me, shop with me.

    You’ll see in my blogroll to the right that there are tons of awesome blogs and websites that I follow, comment on, read, drool over. I say I’d like to emulate them because I love the idea of being a well known, followed food blogger, but I know that that takes time and that I’m not here offering you the most exciting of recipes. As I get more comfortable in a kitchen, maybe I will. And if you’re also a food-challenged, grad student with no money, maybe some of my entries will help you. But if I’m being honest with myself, I know I’m not dedicating nearly as much time or passion to this as the bloggers I link to, and this is more an outlet of self expression than anything else. Being public with things makes you more accountable, so if this serves as nothing but a public diary that one person a week skims over, then that’s fine. My number one goal is to be healthier and happier, and I’m hoping this blog will help me with that.

    Also, if you’re looking for my “real” blog, the one I have maintained for three years and write in far more frequently, that’s located at


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